XXXTentacion’s ex girlfriend cries out after she was kicked out of his vigil & her gifts burned in the street

XXXTentacion‘s ex-girlfiend, Geneva Ayala who claimed the rapper abused her while she was pregnant with his child,  has cried out after his fans who are angry that she accused him of domestic violence, kicked her out of his vigil and burnt the memorabalia she brought.

In a post on Instagram, Ayala says she was chased out barely 25 minutes after she arrived the memorial.XXXTentacion

In a seperate post, she shared a photo of the burnt gift items she left for him, stating that she is deeply hurt be the treatment meted out to her at the funeral.




XXXtentacion was arrested for the alleged assaults after Ayala filed a domestic violence report.

The rapper had repeatedly denied Ayala’s allegations saying the woman was attacked by someone else and wasn’t pregnant, among other contentions.

Ayala told prosecutors that during one fight between the pair, he threatened to sexually attack her with either a barbecue fork or wire BBQ brush.

“He told me to pick between the two, because he was going to put one of them up my vagina,” Ayala said in a deposition.


She told authorities that he brutally attacked her “every three or four days,”

“[H]e beat her at times, choked her, broke clothes hangers on her legs, threatened to chop off her hair or cut out her tongue, pressed knives or scissors to her face, and held her head under water,” according to the paper. “He would fill a bathtub, dangle a microwave over the water, and threaten to let go.”

“His favorite thing was to just backhand my mouth,” Ayala said. “That always left welts inside my lips.”

In another post on Twitter  Ayala says she’s broken about XXXtentacion’s death and wants to be left alone

“I honestly don’t care for any of the hype. I lost someone close to me. Leave me alone,”

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