Woman’s ‘lean on me’ tweet backfires as someone she disappointed in the past exposes her

A Twitter user posted a tweet promising her shoulder was available to cry on for anyone going through a rough patch. But it backfired as a Twitter user replied her, reminding her of the time she tried leaning on her for help but she went and told everyone.

@ms_tifey wrote:

To anyone out there who’s going through any rough patch or experience??. I’m here if you need anyone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on ???

And @Melodia_ng replied:

Was it not you i begged for custard in 2011 that went to tell your friends about it?


Some Twitter users have asked that the wronged party should have forgotten it since 8 years has passed. Others said you can’t tell a person not to feel hurt when someone offends them. Meanwhile, some have suggested it might be a joke.

See Twitter reactions below.





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