Video Surfaces of Rapper Drake kissing, Fondling Underage Girl

A video, shot years ago, appears to confirm rumors that rapper Drake has a predilection for underage girls. The old video footage surfaced on Twitter.com on Friday. It shows the Canadian lyricist kissing and fondling a teenager — even after she told him she was underaged.

Footage of Drake inviting the girl onstage during a live concert was uploaded to Twitter by user @thespookgod on January 4. Since then the footage has garnered nearly 2 million views.

The disturbing video surfaced a day after the much-hyped docuseries Surviving R. Kelly premiered on Lifetime.

In the video, Drake kisses a young woman after inviting her onstage during a concert several years ago.

He kisses her face and lips and lightly fondles her breasts. After the crowd erupts in cheers, Drake asks the girl how old she is — an indication that he may have suspected she was underage.

When she answers “16,” he says, “I can’t go to jail yet, man! Why do you look like that?!”

He continues, “Well look, I had fun. I don’t know whether I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest. I just want to thank you.”

Drake then put his mic down and kissed the youngster on her hand, face and lips before sending her back into the audience.

The video sparked an uproar and a blizzard of #METoo hashtags on Twitter.com. But journalist Eve Ewing pointed out the hypocrisy in their faux outrage:

“honestly this isn’t just about drake. People are not asking questions that should be asked. And it’s real easy to watch #SurvivingRKelly and say ‘why didn’t anyone xyz…’ But there’s a lot of folks hooting & hollering in this video.”

Drake raised eyebrows in September when 14-year-old “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown told an interviewer that the 32-year-old rapper texted her “all the time” and told her he loved her and missed her.

Then came word that Drake gave an 11-year-old heart patient an $1,100 iPhone so she could “keep in contact” with him.

As the pedo rumors circulated online, Drake abruptly cancelled two Miami concerts and issued a statement saying he was seriously ill and required round-the-clock care from 2 doctors and a nurse in his hotel room.

He later claimed he suffered from a serious case of the flu.

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