Report: Kanye ‘Faked’ Being Trump Supporter To Get Blacks Out Of Jail

Was Kanye West pretending to support Donald Trump and his racist policies – just so that he could get Black people out of prison? Well, that’s exactly what MTO News has learned that a prominent website connected to Yeezy is reporting.


According to a post on the High Snobiety Instagram page – which has direct ties with Kanye West – Kanye has been “faking” his support for Donald Trump. The IG page claims that Kanye was just “wearing his MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats so that he could get people out of jail.

The page also claims that he’s giving up on his support for Trump, now that it’s clear Trump will be voted out of office in a few months.

“Kanye has gotten rid of all his MAGA hats,” the website claims.



Kanye reportedly cozied up with Donald Trump, so that he could get his wife Kim into the White House and work to get African Americans released from jail. And it worked. Kanye and Kim got at least 4 people released from prison, with the support of President Donald Trump.

Now Kanye is reportedly “back to the old Kanye.” He’s reportedly ditched Trump and is working to promote the Black Lives Matter protests around the world. He’s donated more than $2M to the families of Blacks killed by police. And Yeezy flew to Chicago to join protesters yesterday.

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