Man, 20, with blond hair, red beard and black eyebrows is charged with identity theft

A young American man with blond hair, red beard, and black eyebrows has been charged with identity theft after he pretended to be someone else to use stolen credit cards.

20-year-old Julian R. Mitchell from Tennessee was arrested on Thursday after trying to use the stolen card at a Nashville bar.

According to Mail Online, when the bar’s system detected that the card had been lost or stolen, Mitchell was asked for identification to prove the card was his.

Police said he handed over a Tennessee driver’s license that was ‘plainly obvious’ that it was not his. ¬†After being questioned, Mitchell allegedly denied using the stolen ID.

When Police searched him, they found the victim’s wallet and also discovered that he had several other stolen credit cards belonging to the victim.

He was arrested for identity theft and is being held in Davidson County jail on a $25,000 bond.

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