Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ousted after 12 years in power

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been ousted from office after 12 years in power.

Right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett, of the Yamina party, will be sworn in as the country’s new leader.

It comes after the country’s parliament approved a new coalition Government following a tight 60-59 vote.

Benjamin Netanyahu sat silently during the vote that ended his 12 years in power (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

Mr Bennett will be prime minister until September 2023. He will then hand over to Yair Lapid, leader of the centrist Yesh Atid, for two years as part of a power-sharing arrangement.

A coalition of eight parties came together from the political right, left and centre in the effort to remove Mr Netanyahu.

They are united in their opposition to the country’s longest-serving leader – but concerns remain as they agree on little else.

If just one party abandons the agreement, it could lose its majority, giving Mr Netanyahu a route back to power.

The new coalition Government is expected to seek to reduce tensions with the Palestinians and maintain good relations with the US, without launching any major initiatives.

Hundreds of people were pictured partying on the streets as the result was announced.

If just one party abandons the agreement, it could lose control (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

A coalition of eight parties came together to oust the sitting PM (Picture: Reuters)

Mr Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption which he denies, will remain head of the right-wing Likud party and become leader of the opposition.

He looked forlorn as he sat in silence listening to the vote, as several of his supporters were escorted out for heckling Mr Bennett.

But he promised to ‘topple’ the ‘dangerous’ incoming Government in a speech, warning it would be soft on Iran and crumble to US pressure to make concessions to the Palestinians.

The PM went to leave the chamber but then turned back to shake Mr Bennett’s hand.

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