Cardi B Breastfeeds Daughter Kulture in ‘Money’ Video

Cardi B dropped her new music video for her single “Money” on Friday. In the video, the former stripper twerks, slides down a pole and breastfeeds her infant daughter Kulture — all while rapping about her love of money inside a bank.

Yes, we know: Cardi stacks money to the ceiling. But there’s more to life than just money — which we see plenty of in the music video.

“I got bands in the coupe/ Busting out the roof,” she raps as paper money flutters in the air around her.

“I like boarding jets, I like morning sex (Whoo!)/ But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (Money),” she raps.

Cardi and her baby’s father, rapper Offset, will reportedly spend Christmas together. Cardi announced the couple was divorcing, but that turned out to be a publicity stunt for a reality TV show that’s in the works.

I rated this video 2 stars only because I couldn’t understand a word Cardi was saying without referencing a lyrics website.


Cardi B – Money

SR rated: 2/5 stars


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