Will Smith addressed his wife Jada’s affair with August Alsina in 2018 video

Will Smith has been in a lot of pain for a long time. While fans assumed his marriage to actress Jada Pinkett Smith was rock solid, the couple was going through a rough patch due to Jada’s extramarital affair with troubled singer August Alsina.

In a video clip from 2018 that resurfaced online, Will poured out his heart about love and happiness lost during Jada’s emotional affair with August.

“Love. I asked her what was one of the biggest revelations she had had about love. She said you cannot make a person happy. I thought that was a real deep idea,” said Will.

“You can make a person smile, you can make a person feel good, you can make a person laugh, but whether a person is happy is deeply utterly and completely out of your control.

“I remember the day I retired. I literally said to Jada, ‘That’s it. I retire. I retire from trying to make you happy. I need you to go make yourself happy and just prove to me it’s even possible.'”

Will was passionate as he recalled the love he had for Jada in the beginning: “We came into this false romantic concept that somehow when we got married we would become one. What we realized is that we were two completely separate people on two completely separate individual journeys and that we were choosing to walk our separate journeys together.

“But her happiness was her responsibility and my happiness was my responsibility. And we decided that we were gonna find our individual, internal private separate joy and then we were going to present ourselves to the relationship and to each other already happy.

“Not coming to each other begging with our empty cups out demanding that she fills my cup and demanding that she meets my needs.

“It’s unfair and it’s kind of unrealistic. And it can be destructive to place the responsibility for your happiness on anybody other that yourself.”

Will finally got his chance to force Jada to confess her infidelities in front of millions of shocked viewers on Friday.

Will and Jada brought themselves to the Red Tableon Facebook to discuss the allegations that she took advantage of drug-addled singer August Alsina to satisfy her own sexual needs.

Jada admitted in so many words that the affair happened — but only after Will pressed her to admit her “entanglement” was actually an extramarital relationship.

The 51-year-old actor didn’t let Jada slide the first time she mentioned an “entanglement” with the virile 27-year-old stud during a “break” in their marriage.

“This is your red table and you, like, brought yourself to the red table,” said Will. “I think, um, you need to say clearly what happened.

“As far as what?” asked Jada, getting mildly defensive.

“You and I decided we were gonna take our space – and then what happened? asked Will with a smirk on his face.

An impatient Jada repeated: “Yeah, and then I got into an entanglement with August. That’s what I said.”

“An entanglement?” said Will, as they both cracked up laughing.

A relationship,” said Will, as 48-year-old Jada finally admitted she was romantically involved with August.

“I was done wit’ ‘cho ass. I was done wit’ you,” Will told Jada.

“You gon’ get me back? I think you got me back,” Jada laughed. “I think we’re good on that, okay?”

To which her husband replied, “Okay, that’s probably true.”

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