Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Officially FIRED; Hunter Given 48 Hours to Move Out of Wendy’s Home

Wendy Williams’s cheating husband Kevin Hunter was officially fired as Wendy’s manager and executive producer of her hit daytime talk show.

MSN.com reports that Hunter was officially fired from the show as executive producer, and a $215,000 Ferrari that he bought for his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson, was towed away from the office, according to UK’s Daily Mail.

Hunter was seen walking away from the studio after the luxury performance vehicle was towed. MSN published photos of Hudson exiting the Ferrari on Monday.

Another photo shows the Ferrari being loaded onto a flatbed tow truck.

The car was towed to a Ferrari dealership in Greenwich, Connecticut, MSN reports.

The Ferrari is one of many big ticket items paid for by Wendy. She was reportedly furious after she saw photos of Hunter dining with Hudson, then driving away in the Ferrari.

“That’s what tipped her over the edge, she was like, “he’s gotta go.”

Wendy, 54, filed for divorce from Hunter on April 11, just weeks after Hudson, 33, welcomed his baby daughter.

Hunter, 47, was served with divorce papers in a gift box tied neatly with a ribbon at 6:30 in the morning. He reportedly laughed out loud when he read the document.

Wendy is giving him 48 hours to pack his things and clear out of the New Jersey mansion they’ve shared for nearly 2 decades.

“Wendy’s sister Wanda came up from Florida over the weekend and she’s helping get everything in order. Wendy means business, she’s cleaning house.”

Sources tell Us Weekly that Hunter was still seen in the offices of The Wendy Williams Show production company in NYC after she filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage. “He has been on set since Wendy filed for divorce, [but] staffers have expressed concern about their safety and Wendy’s safety and do not want to work with him.”

Security was reportedly working with producers to resolve the issue of Hunter hanging around where he is not wanted. He has been executive producer of the show since 2011.

The source added, “Wendy is doing so well and has the full support of her staff. They don’t want Kevin to undo the progress she has made.”

Wendy just completed a 6-week stay at a sober house in Queens, NY where she received in-patient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

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