Video: Cee C injures Lolu with the “bonding hook” #BBNaija

While other housemates in the big brother are getting along, and bonding… Cee-C and Lolu are just NOT connecting, probably because Cee-c can’t just get a hang of Lolu, by controlling him the way she did Tobi.

Earlier today, Cee-c unhooked her “bond” from Lolu, after Lolu refused to stand.. Apparently, she wanted to go into the bathroom, and asked for Lolu to stand, But he refused, and told her “You cannot control me”..

Video: Cee C injures Lolu with the “bonding hook” #BBNaija

Cee-C then unhooked the bond, and went to the bathroom, came back and hooked it back. (Watch)

Later on, Cee-C wanted to sit, but still, Lolu refused, and kept standing.. the she struggled to go to the chair, and then the hook snapped out from Cee-C, and hit Lolu in the balls.



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