Tracy Chapman Wins $450K Copyright Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has agreed to settle a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed against her by alternative music legend Tracy Chapman.

The settlement was entered into the court system on Thursday, Jan. 7, according to Page Six.

Nicki, 38, agreed to pay Chapman $450,000 in addition to legal fees for the unauthorized use of a sample from Chapman’s hit song, “Baby Can I Hold You,” which Nicki sampled in a leaked song titled “Sorry.”

Chapman, 56, filed the lawsuit in Oct. 2018, after Nicki’s people reached out to her when someone leaked “Sorry” to DJ Funkmaster Flex in August 2018.

The “Fast Car” singer took to social media to say she turned down Nicki’s request to use the sample after Nicki’s camp told her the rapper was “inspired” by her song.

But a few weeks later, Nicki tweeted that she didn’t even know Chapman’s sample was included in her track, and she ultimately decided to leave the track off her album.

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