Taraji P Henson’s new fiancee “was with his ex-girlfriend in Dubai just two weeks ago”

Actress Taraji P Henson got engaged over the weekend to NFA player Kelvin Heyden and her relationship is already plagued with rumors of infidelity.

Kevin has been accused of infidelity in the past but that was before he proposed to Taraji. He reportedly promised to turn a new leaf and that’s why Taraji made their relationship public last December during an interview with Essence.

But it seems he hasn’t kept his word. Two weeks ago, Kelvin, 34, went to Dubai on a “guys trip”. But it seems it wasn’t exactly an innocent trip. It appears a woman who he was romantically linked with some years back, and was photographed with two years ago, was also in Dubai at the same time.

Taraji P Henson

Kelvin and his ex two years ago

The woman was photographed in Dubai the same time Kelvin was there. The photo has sparked speculations that they were together in the Middle Eastern country. Though this doesn’t exactly prove anything because there is no photo of both of them together, people are drawing conclusions already and worrying for Taraji.

Taraji P Henson

Kelvin on his Dubai guy’s trip

Taraji P Henson

Kelvin’s ex also in Dubai at the same time

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