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*S M A R T K I D*

*Dad:* Who do you like more, Mum or Dad?
*Child:* Both

*Dad:* Ok, if I go to UK and your Mum goes to America, where will you go?
*Child:* America…

*Dad:* That shows you love your Mum more?
*Child:* No, it shows I love America more than UK.

*Dad:* Ok, if I go to America and your Mum goes to UK, where will you go?
*Child:* UK

*Dad:* Replied angrily, why?
*Child:* Haha, why the anger? I choose UK because I have been to America before.

*Dad:* When did you go to America?
*Child:* During the first question …

*_~still laughing~_*


A man with an AK47 ran into a church and pointed the gun at the congregation saying,”who is a child of GOD here?! Let me send him or her to heaven?!” The congregation remained silent. He then released one shot into the roof, the congregation shouted, “It’s the Pastor! He always says that he is a child of GOD”! Pastor replied,”what kind of conspiracy is this? Every one here knows that I am the son of Mr. Nicholas Ikechukwu Odumodu, How am I related to GOD?”!

*be strong in ur faith*


Men Men ohh Pause!!!
If ever u feel overloaded by wife issues, go
immediatelyto the nearest biological anxiety relief (BAR) center or place an order for any 1 or more of the following antidotes:
1. Wife irritation neutralizing extract (WINE)
2. Refreshing unique medicine (RUM)
3. Bothersome ex-wife elimination rebooter (BEER)
4. vaccino officio depression-killing antigen (VODKA)
5. Wife high infusion suspicion killing energy yeast (WHISKEY)

This is issued by the ministry of Happiness,Imo State of Nigeria


Teacher*: What do you do after school?
*1st Student*: I go and buy weed from Yakobo
*2nd Student*: I always go and buy cigarettes from Yakobo.
*3rd Student*: I go and buy cocaine from Yakobo.
*4th Student*: I always stay at home and do my homework.
*Teacher:* You are a great student, I hereby appoint you as the class monitor. You are a good example to other students. What’s your name?
*4th Student*: Yakobo
*Teacher*: Satan!

*_~still laughing~_*


I just left Access bank this morning, I went to drop bitter cola around the bank premises, because of snake…I no wan hear say anything do my money oooo cos if snake can swallow N36m how much is N19800
Good morning….

Disregard any rumour that Zuma has stepped down!
I visited him in owerri this morning, and he is still standing where he is standing!
I dey my orfiz ..coman beat me 🤨


Spiritual problem is when you trek 10km to work just to get there and realized that the office key is at home ,so u   bottle up all the  emotions this time n trek back home leaving d heavy bag at the office doorstep.on getting home now the house key is actually in the bag you left,so you boil up a lil bit but work must go on so u trek back to the office pick up the bag angrily and make your way back to the house,on getting home you dip your hands into the bag now see the office key.so you just sit on the floor locate the nearest plantain tree with your eyes and shout make una kuku kill me.

Dear Gov. Okorocha,
I come to you in peace this after

You moulded the statue of Mugabe; he resigned a couple of weeks later.
You moulded President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and she has now lost her seat to George Weah.
You moulded President Jacob Zuma; yesterday he resigned.
Please Owelle ndi Imo, the commander of free Education in Nigeria do us a favour, please help us mould Yourself and President Buhari’s statues too and it be a thing of joy for ndi Imo and Nigerians

LAUGH! LAUGH!! LAUGH!!! **********************


Husband: Sweetheart, i’m going for 3 days church conference.

Wife: OK; but let’s commit your Journey into the hands of God in prayer.

Husband: lead us in prayer then.

Wife: God grant my husband great

Husband: very loud Ameeeeeeeen.!

Wife: Don’t grant his manhood erection if he tries to commit adultery.

Husband: Silent.

Wife: Don’t let him return safely if he manages to have extra marital affairs with other ladies.

Husband: …….sweating

Wife: In fact, Holy Spirit, kill him if he commits…………..

Husband: Ohhhhhh! shut up,
it’s OK,
I’m not going anywhere ;
because Holy Spirit just told me that the conference has been cancelled.

Today I needed to know if people will obey my command.
So I walked into a banking hall with my right hand in my bag and shouted, ” On your knees everyone!”
Omo, before I could blink, everybody don obey. Some people even laid face down.
After a while I brought out my Bible and said, “let us pray.”
In fact how I escaped was a miracle.


Copied: StellaDimoko

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