See the heartbreaking final post shared by bully victim before commiting suicide

An Aboriginal girl took her own life as a result of bullying she had been enduring. But before she committed suicide, she left a heartbreaking final post.

Rochelle Pryor, 14, wrote on social media:

Once I’m gone, the bullying and the racism will stop.

Sadly, Just one friend responded to the post.

Her father later found her unconscious in her bedroom and she died nine days after, on January 10.

Rochelle is one of a group of Aboriginal children to kill themselves in two weeks. The suicides of Aboriginal children started on January 3 when a girl, 15, died in hospital in Queensland after being admitted for self-harming. Another three girls aged 12, 14 (Rochelle) and 15, also died from suicide between January 4 and 10 in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and south Australia.

A boy, 12, from Roma is currently in critical condition after also apparently trying to take his own life.

Rochelle’s family and friends have paid tribute to her. Her sister Kyanne, 17, said that she was a ‘sweet, happy and funny’ girl but was worried about bullies and friends who had turned on her.

Kyanne told local media:

She was really upset by it. There was racism involved – a lot of the time it was just random people who don’t ­realise what they’re saying.

Her mother revealed that she didn’t want to go to school after being involved in an altercation.

However, following her death fellow pupils have paid tribute to her.

One wrote on Instagram:

My vision is so blurry from my tears … come back please.

The last day we were talking about what colour you should dye your hair and you were thinking about… blue or purple.

If I knew that was your last day, I would do anything to stop you. I remember telling you whenever you weren’t in the right mindset I would repeat telling you “I’m always here for you”.

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