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Russian tanks seen rolling into Ukraine ‘breakaway’ areas after Putin’s dark warning about ‘bloodshed’

COLUMNS of tanks dramatically rolled into Ukraine on the orders of Vladimir Putin as Russia began recruiting medics to prepare for “bloodshed”.

Videos show military vehicles in two breakaway areas of Ukraine that Putin recognised as independent states – effectively annexing them into Russia

Russian tanks were seen on the streets of Ukraine
Credit: TikTok

Putin has ordered his troops to advance into rebel held areas

Military vehicles in two breakaway areas of eastern Ukraine that Putin recognised as independent states last night
Credit: East2West

Fireworks were let off and Russian flags were waved in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic
Credit: AP

It comes after Putin gave a rambling address to Russians last night
Credit: Reuters

Fears were mounting that Moscow is now poised to move beyond the rebel held pockets to snatch more territory from Ukraine.

With a huge 200,000 strong force ringing Ukraine, the world is on a knife edge waiting for Putin’s next move, which could see the bloodiest conflict in Europe since WW2.

Russian MP Leonid Kalashnikov said his country would recognise the whole of Donetsk and Luhansk regions – rather than just the areas currently under rebel control.

With tension mounting, Ukraine said two of its soldiers were killed and 12 others wounded in heavy shelling overnight.

News from overnight:

  • President Vladimir Putin launched an effective invasion of eastern Ukraine
  • He ordered tanks across the border into the newly-recognised Donetsk and Luhansk regions
  • He’s claimed his tanks are carrying out “peacekeeping functions”
  • But the actions could trigger bloodiest conflict since WW2
  • The US, UK and EU have vowed to hit Russia with sanctions today
  • Boris Johnson is holding a dawn Cobra meeting to discuss the UK’s response

America’s ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield heaped scorn on Putin saying: “He calls them peacekeepers. This is nonsense. We know what they really are.”

Boris Johnson is chairing an emergency Cobra meeting this morning after the Russian president ordered his long-feared invasion.


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