Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘will never resume official roles with the Royal Family’ after ‘hurtful’ bombshell book

Harry and Meghan will never resume official roles following the bombshell biography that laid bare their rift with the Royal Family.

The book titled “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family” reveals their soured relationship with the British Royal Family and, according to Daily Mail, it is likely to ruin any hopes of renegotiating their royal duties.

The revelations made in the book will also harm efforts to repair their rift with Harry’s brother William and sister-in-law Kate.

The publication adds that sources believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have “torpedoed” any chance of creating a new position with the help of the Queen and senior royals when their “trial period” in the US ends.

A royal household source said, according to Daily Mail, “The door will always be open to them as much-loved members of the family.

“But it’s hard to see how they can now salvage the new role they wanted as ‘hybrid’ royals, running commercial careers alongside royal duties from the US.”

Another source told the Mail: “The review period has not yet been discussed but it doesn’t seem if there is any way of going back now. Some very private family matters have now been aired in public, seemingly with their blessing. That will be hurtful.”

The one-year “probationary” period was designed to give all members of the family breathing space and allow Harry and Meghan to establish their independent new lives, while offering them the chance to return to the royal family if they changed their minds.

But according to the publication, multiple sources believe the way the couple have conducted themselves in Los Angeles and now the bombshell book have put an end to any hope of their returning to the royal family in a working role.

One senior figure added: “Given the state of the world this just seems so ill-timed. The Sussexes need to move on.”

Harry and Meghan have publicly denied giving an interview to the authors of Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, or of “contributing” to the book. However, their statement failed to address whether they had given permission for their closest friends, staff and associates to collaborated with it.

Authors, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand say they have written the book with the “participation of those closest to the couple” and boasted of having access to Harry and Meghan’s personal and professional “inner circle”.

The book has detailed the increasingly bitter relationship between Harry and William, as well as the rollercoaster romance that saw the couple declare their love for each other within three months of dating.

Key points made in the book are:

Harry was so entranced by Meghan he convinced himself she was the woman who he would marry after only their second date.
Meghan used to tip off the paparazzi when working as an actress in Canada, despite her later going on to claim she didn’t understand the ‘tabloid culture’.
Meghan’s friends claimed she endured prejudice from the royal household, with a senior staff member overheard telling a colleague: ‘There’s just something about her I just don’t trust.’
Harry believed William was a ‘snob’ for urging him not to rush into his relationship with Meghan, worrying his brother was being ‘blindsided by lust’. The brothers have barely spoken since.
Meghan was ‘disappointed’ that Kate did not welcome her into the family and found her frosty.
One senior royal referred to the ex-actress as ‘Harry’s showgirl’.
Harry felt ‘unprotected’ by his family and disparaged within palace walls for being ‘too sensitive and outspoken’.
Senior courtiers in other households felt that the global popularity of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘needed to be reined in’,
A tearful Meghan told friends about their decision to quit royal duties: ‘I gave up my entire life for this family.’

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