Prince Andrew offered £75,000,000 to do lie detector even though he can’t sweat

Prince Andrew has been offered £75 million to do a polygraph live on television – even though the machines monitor sweat levels to sniff out a lie.

According to the man behind the proposal, the test would be a pay per view event and ‘give him a chance in front of the whole world to clear his name once and for all’.

Lie detector machines measure a number of physical responses to see how a subject is responding to questioning.

As well as heart rate and blood pressure, they also monitor ‘galvanic skin response’, a way of checking if a subject has started to perspire.

Prince Andrew famously claimed in his interview with Newsnight in 2019 that he was ‘unable to sweat’ when asked about a description of him dancing in a nightclub prior to an alleged encounter with his accuser.

The Duke of York is facing a lawsuit in New York which claims he sexually assaulted Virgina Guiffre while she was under the age of 18 and the victim of a trafficking ring.

Prince Andrew has not responded publicly to the most recent case but has previously vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

Prince Andrew is facing a civil law suit in the US over allegations he has categorically denied (Picture: Reuters)

Now Ian Halperin, a Canadian writer and documentary maker who has been involved in controversial projects before, wants to turn the case into a TV event.

He said the offer would give Prince Andrew the chance to ‘vindicate himself in 45 minutes’ and allow him to make an eye-watering sum of cash ‘for just turning up and taking the test’.

Mr Halperin told the Daily Mail: ‘It will be a pay per view event, hopefully the biggest pay per view in history, where Andrew gets $100million for just turning up and taking the test.

‘If he is as innocent as he says he is, he passes and it clears his name.’

The New York Times best selling author has previously offered around a tenth of the sum to Prince Andrew in order to convince him to take the test but has since dreamt up the pay per view element.

The Duke’s accuser has named him in a claim filed in a New York court
(Picture: Getty)

Halperin previously used a lie detector test as part of research for the book ‘Who Killed Kurt Cobain?’

The controversial 1998 release popularised the conspiracy theory that the Nirvana frontman did not take his own life, including wrongly pointing the finger of blame at his then-wife Courtney Love.

In documents released as part of the civil claim against Prince Andrew, Ms Giuffre claims the senior royal used his ‘wealth, power, position, and connections enabled him to abuse a frightened, vulnerable child with no one there to protect her’.

At the time, she says she was effectively a prisoner of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his associated Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ms Maxwell is due to stand trial in the US and denies all the charges made against her.

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