People sleeping with other people’s wives are judging me, Boma slams mockers

Newly evicted BBN housemate, Boma has slammed those judging him. He says many of them sleep with other people’s wives and yet they dare judge him, lol.

Speaking in a live interview with The Punch about his affair with Tega in the house, Boma stated that those judging him were just being hypocritical.

“Those actresses, are they not married with kids in their family? Don’t they kiss people on set?

“So, I feel people just want to be hypocrites,” he said.

“Even the people that are sleeping with other people’s wives are still talking.

“People were just projecting their anger. It’s like most people woke up and didn’t have a good day. With things practically rough with them, they wanted to take out their aggression or frustration on somebody.

“They all come on social media and start backlashing someone.”

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