Outrage At Reports Tickets Were Being Sold to Attend Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial Service at Staples Center

Nipsey Hussle’s fans were not happy over reports that his family members were selling tickets to attend his memorial service planned for this Thursday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Nipsey, 33, was gunned down outside his clothing store in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 31. Fans have been in mourning ever since.

According to TMZ, only fans holding pricey tickets could would be allowed to attend his star-studded memorial service inside the 21,000 seat Staples Center where the Los Angeles Lakers play and where Michael Jackson’s memorial service was held in 2009.

The family and Roc Nation staff attended a private meeting with Staples officials and members of the LAPD to plan the logistics of the event, according to TMZ.

The relatives passed on booking smaller venues that held up to 2,000 people.

TMZ reported that tickets were being sold, and fans took to social media to express their disgust. Some noted that his fans who live in the low income Hyde Park neighborhood can’t afford to buy tickets.

“He would never have us to pay to see him be laid to rest,” wrote one irate fan on Instagram.com.

Another fan wrote: “Staples Center really [trying to] make money off this?”

But Nipsey’s business partner Karen Civil took to Twitter.com to clear up the report that tickets were being sold to the memorial service.

“FAKE F*CKING NEWS!” she wrote before adding:

“I want to officially let @NipseyHussle fans & supporters know there will be NO selling of tickets to his funeral. A lot of incorrect information was released today, please know in the upcoming days and official statement will be made soon.”

There also reports that the beloved West Coast rapper will be buried with his prized possessions, including this custom made gold and diamond chip pendant in the likeness of Civil Rights activist Malcolm X, who was assassinated while delivering a speech at Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom in 1965.

L.A. police officials sparked rumors after they said Nipsey was “assassinated”. This statement was made only 15 minutes after Nipsey had been shot – before anyone knew the identity of the killer.

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