Nipsey Hussle’s Sister Denied Request to Become Niece’s Guardian

Nipsey Hussle’s sister was denied temporary guardianship of her brother’s daughter, Emani Esghedom. Samantha Smith tried to get an emergency order granting her temporary guardianship over the late rapper’s daughter but a judge denied the request.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the judge denied Samantha Smith‘s request to be appointed Emani’s temporary guardian because the child is not in immediate danger and Emani’s mother was not given fair notice of the hearing.

The ruling stated, “No urgency demonstrated for granting this relief prior to hearing on May 14th.”

The judge also added that Emani’s mother, Tanisha Asghedom, must be given notice of the hearing.

As The Blast first reported, Smith filed a request for guardianship earlier this week, saying she has “always been a presence in Emani’s life and along with the rest of Emani’s paternal family has assisted in her care.”

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Smith, pictured speaking at her brother’s funeral earlier this month, wanted to become Emani’s legal guardian to ensure that she can make legal custody decisions regarding Emani and “to ensure that she can continue to live with family members with whom she has always had close ties.”

Emani lived part-time with her father, Nipsey, before he was killed in March.

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