Nigerian lady recounts being asked to join a bridal train for 300K

A Nigerian analyst and Twitter user @Pheekayo, took to the platform to recount how a friend reached out to her to join a bridal train, but for 300K.Nigerian lady recounts being asked to join a bridal train for 300K

According to her the 300K includes flight tickets; however when she told the lady that she will not be joining her bridal train, the bride got upset. Here’s her detailed tweets on the incident;

Yesterday was just something else for me. After some unnecessary drama in a group chat, this acquaintance of mine reached out to ask me to be on her bridal train. She gave me the details and being on the train would cost me almost 300k including flight tickets and I’d have to take time off work so it was going to be quite the investment on my part. Now please note I really don’t know this girl like that. She’s the friend of a friend of a friend. I was surprised she even asked me. Anyway I told her I couldn’t do it.

Homegirl got upset. Talking about I can ball around dubai and all but I can’t come through for her. I’m so confused trying to explain myself to this lady I owe nothing to. The conversation culminates in her telling me that if I don’t come through for her, no one will come for me. And she suggests that maybe it’s good I’ll have no one because nobody will marry me.

I’m so shook. I just hang up and go about my life. I’m so dazed. All of this is before noon. I let this matter go because I can’t come and die. And I’m afraid that if I talk, her marriage will end before it’s started.

Sometime in the evening a Random Number calls me, I’m honestly tentative to pick up because I suspect it will be someone saying some more stupid stuff. I pick up eventually. It’s the girl’s fiancé.

To show how much I don’t know these people, I don’t even know the guy’s name. He has to introduce himself and explain how he knows me. I’m thinking ok, maybe this one will have sense and calm this nonsense situation. He tells me his babe is upset and he wants to make her happy.

I tell him I’m not sure what this has to do with me. He says what would make her happy is for me to be on the bridal train. I re-explain myself to this man. Then things went really left! He asked me if I couldn’t borrow money to come and be part of it.

I couldn’t talk. I should borrow money to go to a wedding I don’t know about? He explained that they had also taken loans for the wedding! Hehn! Is this what people are doing now? I told him this would not be an option for me. Then he too got angry.

Ladies and Gents, I wasn’t going to let this one go. The minute he started saying why are you being so difficult, I took the time to lambast him and his fiancé for their obvious stupidity. After giving him the chunkiest piece of my mind, I hung up. I didn’t realise weddings had turned into this kind of thing oh! If you’re borrowing money to marry, I don’t think that’s a good way to start a life together.

Anyway, I went to sleep because when I’m upset like that I’ve learnt to just sleep. I woke up this morning to friends asking me what did I do to the couple? I explained what happened and all of them started laughing because it seems those 2 idiots have been going around asking for money and trying to bully People into their wedding.

Honestly people, nothing in life is this serious. You know the saying cut your coat according to your size, well plan your wedding according to your size.

Nigerian lady recounts being asked to join a bridal train for 300K lailasnews 1 Nigerian lady recounts being asked to join a bridal train for 300K lailasnews 2 Nigerian lady recounts being asked to join a bridal train for 300K lailasnews 3

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