NBA Youngboy, 18, proudly reveals he’s expecting his 5th child from his 4th babymama

Only days ago, 18-year-old rapper NBA Youngboy revealed he has converted to Islam and showed off his girl completely covered in a Burka. Now, he’s revealed he’s expecting a baby, his 5th.


NBA already has 4 children, all within the same age bracket, from 4 different women. Now, he’s revealed he’s expecting a 5th baby, not from his burka-wearing girlfriend, but from one of his baby mamas named Janis.


NBA Youngboy, 18, proudly reveals he

NBA’s Kids

 The rapper, who is constantly in trouble with the law, had his last run-in with the law when police claim he abused his baby’s mother Janis. There was a restraining order and police told NBA that if he went near her, he could be arrested. But, obviously he went near her, or she went near him, because she’s about to have a baby by him.


In a new video on Instagram, the rapper is seen saying that he never physically laid his hands on Janis and once the restraining order is lifted, he will leave all his current girlfriends and go back to her and their baby.


Watch the video below.


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