Meghan Markle’s father asks her to end rumoured fight with Kate Middleton and warns that he will keep talking till she calls him

Meghan Markle’s father has asked his daughter to end the rumoured rift between her and sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Thomas Markle Sr, 74, said he wasn’t sure there was any animosity between the two women but added that if indeed there is, “they should put their differences aside”. He also said that he is heartbroken he can’t step in to help.

Thomas Markle went on to beg the Duchess of Sussex, whom he hasn’t spoken to since she got married to Prince Harry, to pick up the phone. He warned that he would “keep talking” and “probably get louder” until he is back in contact with his daughter.Meghan Markle

He told the Sun:

If there is any animosity between Meghan and Kate they should put their differences aside.

I’m very upset by the criticism Meghan is getting. I don’t think she deserves it and I don’t think she is doing one-third of the things she is being accused of doing.

I’m not buying that she made Kate cry. First off, I think Kate is a stronger woman than that.

I think Kate also knows she is in a stronger power position than Meghan is. Kate’s the hero mother. I can’t see her being that weak.

Thomas also revealed he didn’t receive either a phone call or card from Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry during this Christmas holiday. He said the silence had turned his life into a “nightmare” and he would continue to speak out to defend his family from internet trolls.

He added:

The bottom line is that I’ve done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. I’ll keep talking and I’ll probably get louder. Meghan and Harry’s silence empower all the crazy tweets and insults against me and my family.

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