Augustine Umogbai hails from fugar the headquarters of Estako central local govt of Edo state.
An astute TECHNOCRAT with a first class degree in sociology and a master’s degree in demography
With a massive extension of years in the Business field, this cuts across OIL & GAS, CONSTRUCTION,
and ICT.

His ICT Company is a youth based Intervention scheme and Education center, established in plateau
state, in attempt to empower and equip the youths of Jos with basic Knowledge and the Education
resource is affiliated to Leeds University in the United Kingdom and offer courses like Cisco, Java and
other advanced courses in ICT.Augustine is a humanitarian and an advocate for Youth Inclusion in Politics and Business, also as an
Educationist, Augustine understand the importance of Quality Education and he thus advocates for
the Gender fairness in the education sector and also for better quality education for all, especially
for the deprived youths in his constituents.

He has financed and supported Humanitarian endeavors across the various regions of Nigeria.

I am married with 3 children.

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