Love Island’s Shannon Singh bares all in body positivity campaign: ‘We deserve to celebrate ourselves’

Shannon Singh has unveiled her latest project after starring in Love island, creating a social media campaign to encourage her followers to embrace their bodies.

The model, 23, posed entirely naked with the word ‘mine’ painted all over her body as she championed others also owning their own skin.

She wrote alongside it: ‘I’m SO SO excited to launch my own wee social media campaign called #Ilovemine. It’s time to stop giving our ‘likes’ to other people and to start liking ourselves.

‘We deserve to celebrate ourselves. I want us all to start celebrating what we like and love about ourselves.

‘Every day I want to see you posting a positive message about yourselves that I will be sharing and reposting! Whether it be you celebrating your kindness, your creativity, your eyes, your good hair day, the birthmark you’ve always loathed – post something unique to you that you might not have always shown kindness to in the past.’

Shannon, who was the first to leave this year’s series of Love Island, hopes to use the campaign to encourage kindness and positivity on a platform where users are used to seeing edited images which can fuel insecurities.

Shannon stripped off for the stunning images (Picture: Shannon Singh/Mike Gripz)

She encouraged others to embrace their own bodies (Picture: Shannon Singh/Mike Gripz

She continued: ‘This is about us embracing ourselves and encouraging positive conversation about ourselves.

‘Social media can be a great platform but can also cause major insecurities, I want to see you all tagging me in your photos celebrating yourselves with the #ilovemine #ilovemy.

‘Let us trial this for one week, one image per day that celebrates YOU, and lets see how we all feel about ourselves later this week. SAVE THE LIKES FOR YOURSELF.’

In a statement, she added to the Daily Mail: ‘I Shannon Singh own my body. It’s 2021 and yet I am still having to defend my rights as a woman to celebrate my body in the way that I want to.

‘As a 23-year-old Asian woman I am still sent threats against my life for choosing to take ownership over my body.

‘Women and men should be able to be sexy, be confident and be who they are. They should be able to celebrate their bodies.’

Shannon later took to her story to thank fans for getting involved with the campaign, reposting photos her followers had shared with her.

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