Kanye West asked to leave Mercedes-Benz Stadium, so he’s moving — to another stadium

Kanye West is reportedly moving to another stadium after taking up residence inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium for three weeks to finish his Donda album.

The 44-year-old rap producer moved into the $1.6 billion stadium in Atlanta on July 23, a day after he held his first Donda listening party.

According to reports, Kanye paid $1 million per day for space inside a locker room that had access to showers and a temporary recording studio.

However, his presence is causing problems for stadium employees who must work around him, his entourage, and clouds of weed smoke while they prepare the stadium for sporting events.

There are rumors that Kanye was asked to pack his things and leave Mercedes-Benz Stadium after he missed his deadline to move out last week. An inside source tells Sandrarose.com that Kanye believed he would be done putting the finishing touches on the album by now.

Two days after Kanye’s second Donda listening/release party, the pre-order page on iTunes first went live listing a release date of Aug. 7. However, iTunes is showing Donda with a release date of Aug. 13 while Apple Music lists it as Aug. 15.

Kanye is reportedly moving into another stadium to finish up the album.

According to theJasmineBrand, the news was first reported by an artist named KayCyy, who is allegedly working on the project with Kanye. He wrote, but later deleted,

“We moving to another stadium.”

Kanye was reportedly disappointed by the public’s reaction to the project so far.

Music producer/DJ Jermaine Dupri explained in a tweet:

“I’m not sure many understand what Ye did because n***as don’t have listening parties much in this era, but you play the music and gage what you got by the reactions, then prioritize by best reaction and fix where the response was weak, real A&R shit [sic].”

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