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ISIS claims responsibility for Kabul airport bomb attacks that killed 103

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Kabul airport suicide bomb attacks which killed at least 103 people.

The terror group released a picture of one of the suicide bombers, identified as Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri.

ISIS released this image of one of the suicide bombers, Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri
Credit: Twitter

ISIS claimed the attacker was able to come within five metres of American troops who were collecting documents from people desperately trying to leave Afghanistan.

A statement posted online in Arabic by the terror group claimed that more than 150 people were killed or hurt in the bombing.

At least 90 Afghans have been killed – 72 of them civilians, according to the Taliban – and more than 100 people hurt in the attacks.

Thirteen US service members were killed, including 12 Marines and one Navy medic, while 15 were injured.

The blast carnage at the airport comes as…

Two explosions rocked the airport in Afghanistan just hours before the evacuation deadline.

Thousands of people have gathered at the airport over the past 12 days hoping to be evacuated after the Taliban seized power.

At least 12 US service members were killed in the bombings, including 11 marines and one Navy medic, while 15 were injured, the Pentagon said.

Other blasts were heard in Kabul hours after the earlier two.

US President Joe Biden told those behind the Kabul airport attacks: “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

A US official confirmed the first blast was caused by a suicide bomb, with initial reports suggesting the second explosion was a car bomb.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said one explosion occurred near buses lined up outside Abbey Gate and the other close to the nearby Baron Hotel.

A source told Fox News that the attacks in Kabul may be an “ongoing event” – with more violence to come.

One of the bombers reportedly hit people standing in a wastewater canal – sending bodies flying into the water.

People waiting desperately for a space on a flight out of Afghanistan were seen carrying those who had been wounded to ambulances, their clothes covered in blood.

Desperate kids showed British passports at Kabul airport just hours before the terrorist blasts.

Three-year-old Tawid, his sister Asia, six, and their mum Sultan Zari had been among crowds trying to flee Afghanistan.

Sobbing Sultan said: “Getting to the UK is everything for us. this is hell on earth.”

It was not known last night if the family had been evacuated yet.

Bloodied survivors were raced from the scene in wheelbarrows, according to local TV news channels.

Shocking footage showed desperate loved ones searching through dozens of bodies in a sewage canal on the outskirts of the airport.

A US official confirmed the blast was caused by a suicide bomb

Emergency services rush to Kabul airport after the attack

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