“If I ever did any juju to hold him may I die, if not…” Ehi Ogbebor swears

Ehi Ogbebor has been called out by a follower after she accused her husband of being an occultic beast, but she’s standing her ground and even swears that she’s innocent.

After Ehi shared her story and took to Instagram to make further allegations, a follower commented, telling the interior designer not to complain now because it is common knowledge that she used “juju” to win the love of her billionaire husband Chief Ken Braimoh.

But Ehizojie denied this and said that if she ever used juju on Chief Braimoh may she die and never see good in her life but if she didn’t the reverse will be the case.

"If I ever did any juju to hold him may I die, if not..." Ehi Ogbebor swears her hands are clean and her billionaire husband was the fetish one

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