How much World Cup prize money every team won from Argentina to England

ARGENTINA will receive £34.5MILLION for lifting the World Cup in Qatar.ct £34.5 MILLION.

On Sunday night, Lionel Messi motivated his nation to victory as they defeated France on penalties following a historic 3-3 draw that lasted 120 minutes.

Argentina won the World Cup in remarkable fashion on Sunday night
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Since they won, they may now help themselves to a HUGE reward fund at about £35 million.

Since France won the trophy in Russia four years ago, there has been an increase of more than £3 million.

Furthermore, Les Bleus will receive £10 million less than Argentina due to their shocking loss this time.

The difference in cash reward between first and second is significantly greater than the difference between second and third.

Only slightly more than third-place Croatia’s £22 million and fourth-place Morocco’s £21 million is France, with £24 million.

However, the reward pool again decreases dramatically for those who lost in the quarterfinal round.

Portugal, England, Brazil, and Holland will each receive £14 million for their elimination from the final eight.

For the eight teams eliminated in the round of 16, it then drops by an additional £3 million.

This included Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Senegal, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the United States in Qatar.

Last but not least, those who advanced to the finals but were eliminated during the group stage will receive £7m.

Four-time champion Germany, two-time champion Uruguay, 2018 semifinalist Belgium, hosts Qatar, and Wales are among those 16 countries.

The other nations are Ghana, Serbia, Cameroon, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Iran and Ecuador.

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