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Horror as Taliban thugs ‘attack women & children with whips’ at Kabul airport

TALIBAN thugs have attacked women and children with whips and sticks before firing their guns amid chaos at Kabul airport, reports claim.

At least half dozen people were wounded including a mother and young son, within an hour of the violence erupting in the Afghan capital.

A man carries a bloodied child
Credit: Los Angeles Times / Polaris

A man cries as he watches fellow Afghans get wounded
Credit: Los Angeles Times / Polaris

Men try to help a wounded woman and her wounded child
Credit: Los Angeles Times / Polaris

Shocking photos show the new horror reality for Afghans who are trying to escape the Taliban.

Thousands of citizens have been waiting outside Kabul Airport for a way out – but jihadi thugs used gun fire, whips, sticks and sharp objects to maintain the crowds, reports claim.

One devastating snap shows a man carrying a bloodied child while another lad cries directly into the camera.

In another a woman lies on the street wounded while two men attempt to save her.

On Monday a stampede at the Airport left five people dead as thousands stormed planes.


It comes as around 20,000 Afghans will be flown to Britain to escape the Taliban in one of the biggest resettlements in our history.

The PM will today vow to rescue women and girls in particular from the clutches of the fanatics.

He will vow to honour the “debt” the country owes the Afghan people by rescuing the most vulnerable.

The programme — one of the biggest of its kind in British history — will focus on giving asylum to women, girls and religious minorities fleeing persecution.

It will run for five years, with 5,000 Afghans offered asylum this year alone.

Panic crowds run as Taliban thugs wield their guns outside Kabul airport
Credit: Los Angeles Times / Polaris

Taliban fighters take charge of security outside Zabihullah Mujahid
Credit: Los Angeles Times / Polaris

An RAF Voyager A330 aircraft lands at RAF Brize Norton carrying British nationals and Afghan evacuees from Afghanistan

While Sharia simply refers to laws that are derived from Islam, in practice the Taliban have an extreme interpretation of what this means in practice.

They have forbidden women from leaving the house alone without an adult male relative and for them to work or be educated.

Already there have been reports of the houses of prominent women being marked and many have spoken about their fear about what the future holds under the Taliban.

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