Drama, Party, Drama… Get the Scoop of What Went Down on #BBNaija Day 6

The altercation between Wathoni and Ka3na during the Betway trivia switched the mood in the house and brought about a sudden moment of insight. The housemates soon realized there was more to everyone than they realized and true colours were being revealed.

Everybody cannot like each other

Some actually welcomed this new development. “I love it when things go off, it helps you know who you are around,” Neo said while discussing with Vee. He noted that he was paying close attention to Housemates around them who seemed bent on instigating these conflicts in the House.

Praise on his part wished he could be cool with everyone but he feels an altercation is inevitable. To which Tolanibaj responded that everyone cannot like each other. In trying to describe his relationship with the other Housemates, Praise said he doesn’t understand Ka3na and he is still try ing figure her out. He said the same about Lucy too. Although Tolanibaj agreed that Dorathy was cool, she also insisted that this only happens when she’s alone, but she gets offensive in the company of Lucy and Ka3na.

Stop putting me in the middle of the situation

The entanglement Ozo has Dorathy and Nengi entwined in might come to an end sooner than we think with Dora announcing that she doesn’t like the situation and she was going to remove herself from it. She reiterated that her focus was on the money and she no longer wanted to be a pawn in this game. Apparently, Ozo made a joke about their entanglement which Dorathy didn’t find funny and she made it known to him.

You guys saw their exchange and pledged to stan Dorathy for giving Ozo a piece of her mind

“You can’t keep hanging around me and every time you keep saying someone is your spec and you mention the person’s name at the slightest opportunity,” she said. Dorathy further explained to Ozo that the whole situation looks funny and when her name (Nengi) comes up, “I try not to feel awkward cause I am here for something else.” Her interaction with other Housemates has also been affected as a result of this entanglement. ” It’s almost like no one wants to talk to me because you are lurking,” Dorathy said. Ozo tried to broker peace but it fell on Dorathy’s sleepy ears as she insisted she wanted to sleep and he should leave.

Ozo appears to be in a quagmire that requires him to decide which of the ladies he wants to pursue a relationship with; even though he insists there’s no lady in the House he is entangled with. Some of you saw his situation for what it truly is.

In his conversation with Eric later, he made it clear that if he had to pick between a relationship in the House and his friendship with Dorathy, he’d pick the latter.

Let the tears out

The House got to Erica today and she let the tears fall. Faced by her biggest fear of self-doubt, she found comfort in the soothing words of Kiddwaya who laid next to her. “You’re strong, fierce and passionate,” he said reassuringly. Mad at herself for crying, she said “people want to be here (in the House) and I am here and I’m crying. Kiddwaya urged her to let the tears all out. “The body needs to release what it needs to release and when you are done, you will feel better,” he said.

Take a look at this video for a quick recap of all those game shifting moments:

The situation in the House has started getting tense and it’s just the first week. How would the Housemates fare with the new discoveries they are finding out between each other? Is this the end of the good vibes? Should we prepare for more hostilities? Time will tell.

A much anticipated first party

Yes, you heard right, the first part of the season went down tonight, and we can’t keep calm. Well, we can but you can’t LOL.

Featuring some of the best hands in the game – Sarz and Omah Lay, who have been consistent in giving us a dose of mad tunes that resonate with the lockdown. There’s no doubt that our feet will hurt from dancing tonight.

While we wait for all that is to come, let’s briefly take a look at the vibes the Lockdown Housemates are promising to give us tonight. The better not fall our hand she! Wait for it! And prepare to get your fingers hurt from typing about how lit the party will be. In the meantime, what songs are you hoping will be played tonight? Let us know on our social media platforms using #BBNaija.

Did your favourite Lockdown Housemates live up to their words?

Don’t you just hate drama in the Lockdown House? It’s so exhausting. There are just so many things you have to deal with. Like making the popcorn, buttering the popcorn, finding a good seat and so on.

When it comes to the BB Naija universe, it’s hard to unlook and ignore the drama, especially when it happens back to back. Guess what, it’s just the first week and we’ve had enough drama that can last the Season! Yes, the content we signed up for, so we’re not complaining sha. Or are you? Undoubtedly, we can’t deny that it is inevitable to avoid fights and drama when you’re living in a House filled with gorgeous ladies and gents. So we asked the Lockdown Housemates what they’ll be found doing when faced with confrontations in the House and well, let’s just say somebody lied…

Preacher of love or war? Let’s dive into what they said.

What should be your reaction when the gods of the fight come for you in Biggie’s House? For these Housemates love is all they preach and believe in. Let our VAR zoom in and call out those who faulted in their promises.

Kaisha: “I am a preacher of love, I’m not a fighter.”

Lol Kaisha darling, unless fighting means another word, you have proven yourself to be for war or nothing and last night can testify to this. When faced with a gbas, our dear Kaisha is ready to give back multiple gbos without holding back. Last night, she was confronted by Lucy on a sanitary issue and in her defence, she was a victim in this fight… or so we thought until we started hearing some curse words being hurled by Kaisha to Lucy. “Don’t try me o, you don’t know me, old cargo,” Kaisha shouted back. So baby girl, do you still think you’re a preacher of love?

War or nothing!

Lucy: “I’m definitely a preacher of love.

A moment of silence for the time’s Lucy went against her words, shall we? The first fight of the season was brought to us by Lucy and Lilo during a get-to-know-me- session. Lilo was giving her own life story when she overheard Lucy say “abeg, this thing should be over.” Even though Lucy claimed she wasn’t referring to Lilo when she was confronted, we couldn’t help but notice how ready she was for a fight and unfortunately, her loud voice didn’t help.

Again, Lucy portrayed why she should be the leader of the Lockdown fighters gang when she picked a fight with Kaisha about sanitary towels. While everyone tried to make her see reasons to why she shouldn’t have made the issue public, Lucy was ready to shout to whoever cared to listen that she’s the last person you would want to pick a fight with.

While we are it, let’s briefly highlight some housemates that seem to be preachers of war, the Indaboski Bahose(s) of the Lockdown House.

For reasons known to her, Ka3na was caught in a Trivia squabble shouting at a whole Deputy Head of House o; which caused Wathoni to cry for the better part of the day. “Am I your mate?” She kept asking Wathoni and we couldn’t help but wonder if she was referring to age or something else. Also, we find it interesting that she is always quick to say this whenever faced in difficult situations with her fellow Housemates “I’m not the one to be played with, I’ll finish you.”

We can’t help but notice the bond the Lockdown geng have formed in just less than a week and while things seem to have settled down for the moment… You just never know when the drama will show itself next.

It’s safe to say that the Lockdown House has been a drama-filled one… and it’s only the first week! Let’s sit back and see more drama unfold.

Blooper-filled Arena Games

Big Brother Naija Lockdown’s first Betway Arena Games got underway and, well, the Housemates just couldn’t come unstuck.

The first Betway Arena Games was a comedy of errors as Brighto tore his gloves, Eric spilt the chemicals all over himself and Neo wrapped a ripped hair net over his head. Vee didn’t even want consolatory applause from her fellow Housemates.

The coronavirus-themed obstacle course made it clear to Big Brother: he was grateful that none of the Housemates are medical practitioners. Housemates were given two minutes to change into medial attire and then gather supplies. None of them was able to complete the course in time.

The words “All of you failed” rang through the Arena Room. And even though there was not anything at stake other than bragging rights, the failure still stung, just that little bit. You could tell in the Housemate’s faces.

Lilo and Nengi went the furthest though, and as a consolation, were not deducted ten seconds off of their time. Some of Nengi’s fans took this as a reason to celebrate.

At the end of the game, Big Brother jibed: “You have succeeded in contaminating the drugs you were supposed to be dispensed. Big Brother is grateful that some of you aren’t medical practitioners.”

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