Detroit Newspaper Writer Calls Chris Brown ‘Known Abuser’ and Other Insults

A Detroit newspaper reporter abandoned all journalistic standards in a scathing article dissing troubled singer Chris Brown.

In an eye-grabbing headline on Detroit’s Metro Times website, writer Jerilyn Jordan, who is Caucasian, wrote “Known abuser and garbage person Chris Brown performs at DTE Energy Music Theater”.

In the article’s first paragraph Jordan writes, “Celebrating nearly 12 years in the music business and almost as many accounts of assaulting women, multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning R&B performer Chris Brown is coming to DTE Energy Theatre on Wednesday, July 25.”

She adds that Brown is “Best known for … shit … we can’t even name a single Chris Brown song off the top of our heads.”

Brown is Jordan’s latest target. She pissed off grunge rapper Kid Rock when she wrote that she felt “weary, uninspired and disenchanted” after attending “five of his concerts in an effort to understand Kid Rock’s politics”.

Kid Rock, who is a conservative and President Trump supporter, wrote a Facebook post lashing out at Jordan.

“You’re very dark…. and to you that may be a compliment, but it is really sad to me,” wrote.

So far, Brown hasn’t responded to Jordan’s insults.

Kid Rock

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