The 2023 season will see CeeDee Lamb in a fresh appearance. The Cowboys star recently received an unbelievable back tattoo with a picture of Kobe Bryant, according to TMZ Sports.

The 23-year-old Dallas receiver visited tattooist Andres Ortega this week at Onder Ink in Arizona to have the piece completed. He was looking for work that covered everything on his backside, from the top of his traps to the top of his glutes.

We are informed that Lamb requested items that represented the struggle and determination required to advance from childhood to the NFL, and Ortega’s team of four artists got to work right away.

The tattoo artists sometimes worked on his back concurrently during the process, and when they were all done, the result was amazing.

Lamb’s right shoulder blade now bears a black mamba with its tongue out and an iconic image of Kobe chomping on his jersey. There is a large image of a jaguar on his left shoulder blade. The Spartan warrior is immediately below that, and to the right of that is a sign for I-45, the highway that passes through Dallas.

Moreover, there are the phrases “My Story Isn’t Over,” a crucifix, and a crown.

Ortega said that the entire process took roughly eight hours, and it is clear that Lamb enjoyed it.

In fact, the two-time Pro Bowler even had his leg inked again at the shop!

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, two prominent Cowboys players, are widely known for their love of body art, but Lamb must now be able to claim superiority over them all.

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