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My traditional wedding is on Saturday 10th of March and something happened yesterday . We have done everything, printed all our wedding gifts , preweeding shoot everything just left with the bride price which he was suppose to go and pay on Friday against Saturday so that it will not delay the occasion. But yesterday he did something really crazy I have called of the wedding but not notified my parents yet .

I came back home all tired from work, I even slept off with my shoes and office dress to show how tired I was. I did not even notice when he came in . The next thing was that I saw someone woke me up to go and cook , I was really tired so I just ignored him and continued my sleep, the next thing on my face was a fresh slap , dragging me to get up and go and cook that I am his wife .

I won’t tell a lie, I gave it back to him , 2 times and even took off my shoes to break his head but I just controlled my self , packed a few things that night and drove to the nearest hotel . He has been calling but I am done with the marriage .

I need suggestions, do you think I am taking it too far ? Is this forgivable? Should I go ahead and call my parents. What about everyone we have invited , all the noise and money spent , how do I handle that shame ? I am so miserable here and scared already . Every excitement is gone . And this was his first time after 1 year of dating him

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