BBNaija – Final Warnings And Strikes Issued

Big Brother is no longer Joking with anyone………………


At about 10:30 pm, Big brother told all housemates to gather in the lounge.

After they were all seated, the first video on the screen was Tacha hurling insults at Mike and Omashola after Week 2’s Saturday night party.
 The second video was Tacha’s involvement in Seyi and Frodd’s fight over a drink. Then he showed the video of a regretful Mercy after she had smashed the OPPO F11 Pro phone at a Saturday night party because Gedoni tried making a video of drunk Diane.
Big brother told both ladies (Tacha and Mercy) that this was their final warning and the rules of the house had to be obeyed to the core.
He told the house that it was okay to get angry but housemates should learn to control their temper and remember that they are relating with their fellow human beings.

The next video was that of the fight between Joe and Tacha. Big Brother’s verdict was that Joe provoked Tacha by moving to sit next to her after it was evident that she was aggravated. Big Brother further mentioned that Tacha let her emotions get the best of her by hitting Joe.

They were both issued strike.
Big Brother also showed Ike and Seyi’s fight and his verdict was that Ike threatened the safety of another housemate and also exhibited intent to attack another housemate. As a result, Ike was issued another strike making it his 2nd strike in the Big Brother house.

Joe apologized to Tacha for provoking her and she told him “Fuck you”.

Gedoni and Mercy hug out their differences.
At midnight, Diane apologized to her new friend Elozonam for not saving him from the eviction nomination list. He accepted her apology and made a midnight meal for her.

Various people in the house were given the responsibility of developing the script for the Bank Drama. Khafi was writing a script, on the other hand, ;Elozonam, Diane and Jackye were all seen writing scripts.
Venita told Jackye that she already told Seyi earlier that she had issues with Khafi writing the script and that she heard that working with Khafi was a nightmare. She further said to Jackye that said that Seyi assured her that he would throw Khafi’s script in the bin and work with the one Elozonam, Diane and Jackye were writing.

Elozonam snitched on the script writing crew by telling Seyi that Venita was given a non-major role and this made Seyi flip. He later apologized to Khafi for the negative words he used on her.


 Venita wanted to play the lead female character because being her actress is her day job. Khafi on the other hand wasn’t having any of it. Khafi said that Venita shouldn’t force herself into a role she might not end up being in sync with. She further suggested that Cindy should be given the role Venita wanted as Cindy might be leaving on Sunday and deserved a chance to showcase herself.
Venita insisted that the reason Khafi doesn’t want her playing the lead role is because she thinks she likes Gedoni. Some other housemates supported Khafi’s view. Head of house Seyi said it was only fair to give Venita the lead female role as she already asked for it the day before during the story development stage in the garden.
Cindy who was already assigned the lead female role wasn’t ready to switch roles with anyone. Later on, Diane called Venita and asked her to pick her preferred role.

On a side note, Khafi mentioned during a conversation with some housemates that Big Brother is sometimes unfair during Arena Games. She said that he disqualified some others for breaking the Arena Game rules and let others go for the same mistake.


Creative Director Joe lambasted Tacha over her level of intelligence so far exhibited on the Big brother show.

During an arguement he said Tasha’s eyelashes were higher than her “IQ.”

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