#BBNaija – Day 4: A Mini-Concert, Travel Tales & Wager Presentation

Housemates talk Beemers, politics and ink

The morning’s chatter got cerebral in the Big Brother Naija house as the housemates cover culture and politics. Smart ones, you think?


After a cracking dancercise session with Praise, the housemates took their renewed vigour the arena and turned it into some brainy conversation. Neo got talking about his tattoos, announcing to the housemates, and the rest of the world for that matter, that he absolutely loves ink. “My mother didn’t want me to get it but I love ink.”

And in true Neo fashion, he broke ink down philosophically, bringing in theories on light and darkness and weirdly enough, those two digital plumbers from Brooklyn, the Marios Bros. And while Dorathy was chewing and talking close to Ozo’s ear, Vee said she had never seen a BMW in Lagos. “I’ve seen them in London, but not one in Lagos. I’ve seen more Lamborghinis than BMWs.”

In the meantime, Laycon dropped knowledge about politics on Lilo and Tolanibaj, making them wiser by the minute. “We are all politicians. Politics is everywhere. Politics is about pushing an agenda. Governance is about satisfying needs.”

The coupling continues as Wathoni and Trikytee cosied up on the hammock and spoke about travel while Eric and Lilo sat next to each other like a vintage couple enjoying their breakfast. What’s next, breakfast in bed? Some of you are rubbing your hands in glee to see what Ebuka would do to these two.

The Lockdown Housemates had a big task at hand today but that didn’t mean life in the house won’t go on as usual. As the day began, they spent time sharing stories and lifting up their moods with what turned out to be an entertaining jam session.

A walk down memory lane

Trickytee and Wathoni swapped stories talking about all the fun places they had explored and others they’d like to explore. From a trip to the strip club to interesting restaurants, they both shared what they loved about the places they had been. Wathoni also shared the rich side of her Kenyan culture and life growing up describing what life was like growing up and how school teachers gave her a tough time.

We Jammin!

The housemates are on a never-ending quest to keep the positive vibes going. A jam session got them all showing off their not so hidden talents. Turn by turn they all went singing their favourite songs to the entertainment of other housemates. What started out as just a solo session soon turned into a mini-concert or a scene from a ‘turn’t’ club party.

They all chorused the verses together and took their feet in what appeared to be a feel-good moment. Kaisha and Tochi took it even further and created a theme song for the Lockdown housemates. Hopefully, it will catch on.

Erica and Ka3na had no plans to let the party end without a little twerking and money spraying.

Just when it seemed like the party was losing steam, Laycon’s song came on and the house erupted.

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