Bank Employee Text ‘Go Ahead’ Signal to Robbers to Snatch Purse Containing $75,000

A Houston bank employee sent a text message to robbers giving them the go ahead to follow a businesswoman and snatch her purse containing $75,000.

Shelby Taylor Wyse, pictured center, was arrested Wednesday and jailed on second-degree felony robbery charges.Police say three men followed the victim in separate cars after she withdrew $75,000 from the Houston bank where Wyse worked.

Surveillance video shows Wyse, an employee at the Wallis State Bank, observed the woman making the withdrawal and sent a “go ahead” text to the robbers just after 9 a.m. on August 17.


The victim, who runs a gas station and check cashing business with her husband, was attacked as she arrived outside the business at Highway 290 near Telge Road.

Surveillance video shows a robber hop out of a black SUV and snatch the woman’s purse, but she held on to the purse and fought back.

Her husband rushed outside to help her, but another man approached and joined the melee as all three rolled around on the ground trying to gain control of the purse.

A deputy who witnessed the robbery called for backup. Deputies soon arrived and arrested two of the suspects after a brief chase. One of the deputies recovered the stolen money.

The victim was transported to a hospital where she is listed in critical condition with internal injuries.

Travonn Johnson and Davis Dowell Mitchell were charged with felony aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. A third man who is believed to be the SUV driver is still at large.

Johnson, who is dating Wyse, was identified as the suspect driving a black 2018 Chrysler 300 that was involved in the robbery.

“She was followed from the bank to the business by these two robbers who drove in separate cars,” Constable Mark Herman told ABC7.

Authorities say Wyse rented the Chrysler for Johnson. During an interrogation, Wyse told police the car was stolen the morning of the robbery.

Wyse is the mother of an 8-year-old boy. She does not have a criminal record.

Her bail was set at $75,000 during a hearing on Wednesday.


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