7 things President Buhari wants you to know about Nigeria’s new COVID-19 phase

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has announced new measures as Nigeria commences Phase 2 of ‘Eased Lockdown’.

Here are a few things you need to know about this phase:

1..The ban on interstate travel has now been lifted. This means that from Wednesday, July 1, 2020, you are allowed to travel across Nigeria outside curfew hours of 4am to 10pm. Please note that the ban persists within curfew hours.

2..Drivers have been directed to only fill 50% of their vehicles’ capacity during travels.

3..President Buhari has approved the reopening of schools for students in graduating classes, in order to allow them prepare for examinations. The classes are Primary 6, JSS3 and SSS3.

4..Tertiary schools and other school classes outside of those mentioned above will remain closed. Daycare centers are to remain shut as well.

President Buhari receives briefing from Presidential Task Force on COVID-19

5..Domestic aviation services can now commence “as soon as practicable, in line with existing international and local guidelines on COVID-19.”This means local flights are back in business.

6..Phase 2 of ‘Eased Lockdown’ phase has been extended for another 4 weeks (June 30-July 27). That means on July 27, we’d know what comes next.

7..Parks, gyms, cinemas, event centres and nightclubs remain closed, according to the PTF’s national coordinator, Sani Aliyu.

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