“No one cares” Waka Flocka’s wife, Tammy Rivera disagrees with her husband after he criticized the ‘Flip The Switch’ Challenge

Waka Flocka took to Instagram to criticize the trending “Flip The Switch” challenge and his wife Tammy Rivera publicly disagreed with him.

Waka wrote: “This flip the switch challenge making me realize a lot.”

He added: “Never will I act or dress like a female: Not for promo. Not for comedy and damn sure not for a fucking challenge. Where’s the be a real man challenge. it’s like being feminine a wave. please stay W?KE #WhatTheFlocka.”

And Tammy Rivera commented: “WAKA no one cares let ppl enjoy themselves damn.”


"No one cares" Waka Flocka

"No one cares" Waka Flocka

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